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NO More Rules for Business in California!

“California is dead. The ship is sinking and it’s going down,” said Bill Taormina, chief executive of Clean City, Inc. at a forum in Anaheim today. He complained about the huge number of taxes, rules and regulations on state businesses. The complaints ranged from regulations that are poorly conceived and managed to high taxes and overly strict enforcement of simple human paperwork errors.
“The state is just over-regulated,” added Farano Sr., corporate counsel at SA recycling in Anaheim. He estimated the company had laid off several hundred people in the last several years due in part to the economic downturn, but also regulations that make it difficult to compete.

Another businessman, Kurtis Breeding, president of Fletcher Coating Co. in Orange, was concerned about having to comply with the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District while similar companies outside this region don’t have to meet the same strict rules. He said regulations should be statewide so everyone competes on an even level.

“Right now there is zero benefit and we continue to be here and support the state,” Breeding said. “We need some incentive to keep us here.”

To sum it up, a number of representatives of business, which are displeased with the existing legislation, is large. It’s a hard time to take measures.


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