Retailer’s Day

Valentine’s Day sales should thrill the hearts of retailers. Industry research firm IBISWorld forecasts spending for the lovers’ holiday will top $18.6 billion, a 5.8% jump over 2010. That amounts to about $125 per person who buys a gift for that special someone.

Floral purchases are projected to grow by 16.8%, jewelry by 11.3%, romantic getaways by 5.7% and candy sales by 5.1%. Spending on greeting cards, dining out and clothing and lingerie will also see increases this year.

The retailers make their best to catch customers’ attention this day. There is a large number of tips for the retailers to increase sales this day. If you want to get more gain from the Lovers’ Day, you should:1. Dress up. Create a holiday atmosphere at your place of business to pull the heart strings of the customers to come your way
Decorate – add holiday decorations to your store, website, emails, etc. to put people in the holiday mood

Emphasize family– in your advertisements, emails and specials – emphasize the benefits for the whole family

Ladies rule– since ladies rule during Valentine’s Day – add things that will attract the ladies like nice packaging, a lot of variety, great scents, or attractive decor.

Charity tie-ins- let all your customers know that a portion of any money they spend will go to a particular charity

Get creative– use fancy slogans like, “Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day.” Or “The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Person…” etc.

2. Make holiday offers. People expect offers during the holidays. Why not make them offers they cannot refuse?
Discounts of 15 – 40% off

Bundled items– packages with multiple items for a low price

Small gifts – provide small items for low prices

Last minute shopping items– have great discounts for those last minute shoppers (commonly men)

3. Encourage them to come back.
Send them a card– though we may think people get too many of these – your customers appreciate them just the same.

Give them a gift– send them a small token to let them know you care.

Throw them a party– have a holiday customer appreciation party.

Ask them to donate– have a charity run where they have to come to the store to donate toys, gifts, etc.

Send them a gift card for your store– This way when they come to use it, they can purchase other items as well.

Give them a coupon for future purchases– Send them a discount coupon that they can use now or later that will motivate them to buy.


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