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Who supports Gaddafi in the world?

Leaping to the support of Libya’s embattled ruler Moammar Gaddafi are Latin America’s most renowned onetime revolutionary leaders: Fidel Castro of Cuba and President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua. Another one – is Alexander Lukachenko of Belarus, the last dictator of Europe.Ortega said this week that he had spoken to Kadafi by telephone to give words of encouragement and sympathy. “I told [him] that in difficult moments, loyalty is put to the test,” Ortega said. He said Kadafi was trying to “defend the unity of his nation.”
Castro, writing in one of his regular columns, Reflections of Fidel, warned that the U.S. and NATO are using the conflict in Libya to stage an invasion and seize the country’s oil.

“One can be in agreement with Kadafi or not,” Castro said. “What is absolutely evident to me is that the government of the United States is totally unconcerned about peace in Libya and will not hesitate to give NATO the order to invade that rich country, possibly in a matter of hours or a few days.”

Castro and Ortega have long counted Kadafi as an ally, wooed by his revolutionary rhetoric and sporadic stances against “imperialism.” Still, they are virtually alone these days in their friendship with the strange strongman.


4 Responses

  1. I support Gaddafi. He is simply misunderstood. He will prevail and kill the drug addicted youth with their trigger happiness!

    • hope, u r kiddin, arnt u?)

    • Your a Fucking Idiot if you think that THis Claim that the youth is Drug induced.
      You are extremely badly informed Friend.
      the “Youth” which is actually 90% of Libya including women, men AND children are all somehow working together to oust him.

      Guess why?
      *Ur answer,…. uhhh its zionist induced,,, uhhh its NATO imperial bombings*

      Listen mate, The fact is fact, this is a revolution and Nato is helping the people there.
      The Claims by the Libyan television that Nato caused civilian deaths is not true.

      Thats the Libyan TV, a propaganda machine that works for gaddafi.

  2. Obama always said he does not like to involve USA in foreign affairs… and now we know at his convenience. Gaddhafi denounced the oppositon as backed by Al Qaeda (Iran too???) It seems that Obama’s bombing of Libya is an explicit alignment of his Administration to the real enemies of United States. He should be ousted as a president on treason charges.

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