Top-5 Gaddafi craziest clothes

It’s been already 40 years since Gaddafi came to power in Libya. He is a very controversial figure.

Here you will find Top-5 Gaddafi craziest clothes. It wasn’t an easy task to choose because of an enormous variety of his clothes. It seems like he never puts the same thing twice. And, who knows, maybe soon we will see that models on the world most fashion runways.

#5 While a military look offers Gaddafi a “command and control” presence, the weight of the ornamentation can’t be good for the life of the fabric. Here, he welcomes guests at a military parade in Tripoli, Libya, on Sept. 1, 2009.

#4 Gaddafi looks like he is ready for A Night at the Roxbury while welcoming French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Tripoli, Libya, on July 25, 2007. 

#3 Wearing swanky Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Gaddafi surveys a Community of Sahel-Saharan States meeting in Syrte, Libya, on March 7, 2002. 

#2 This shade of yellow, worn during the opening of the African Heads of State summit in Addis Ababa on Feb. 2, 2009, is great for hiding mustard stains. 

And finally, #1 goes to…
You might ask why Gaddafi would dress in head-to-toe purple for the closing session of an African leaders’ summit in Khartoum, Sudan, on Jan. 24, 2006. But the more relevant inquiry is, Why not go velvet? 


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  1. Greetings Stella, as they say, there is no accounting for taste. I think we need to realise that Colonel Gaddafi is an African and Africans are flamboyant dressers. Whats more, the purple outfit, appears to be of superior guinea brocade fabric which is very popular in Africa. Africans love colours, and more importantly, this is accepted formal dress in Africa. After all, you said he was attending an African summit. I do not see the problem.

    The Yellow outfit appears to be a mixture of guinea brocade and damask. Again, these are rich fabrics favoured by Africans.

    We all don’t have to wear a suit an hat. What is important is that we dress appropriately for the occasion and I believe Gaddafi has done that.

    I just want to add that I am not a Gaddafi supporter, and the sooner he steps down the better for world peace.

    • first, thank you for your comment, but dont you find it a bit unpolite to wear like that when attending a meeting in Europe. as for me, it seems like he wants all the attention to be paid to him.
      secondly, Africa is offen used in a very wide sence. I would rather disagree with it, as a knew several people from different African countries – Uganda, Senegal and other. and their way of dressing is different to Gaddafi’s

      • Compare what he is wearing in #2 with those around him. It doesn’t seem that dissimilar. And I must say those Africa pins are very cool!

      • Dear fox stella, Firstly if you do not understand the culture of africans, you should not comment. have you ever seen a european leader attending a summit in africa wearing african clothes? i bet not. you should make it plain and simple, you hate gaddaffi and you want to make him look like a fool. all i have to say is this was a pointless blogg and you are a victim to this sick society where they look down upon others and feel the need to comment and make others look inferior and stupid. i mean come on!, the guy is wearing louis vuitton shades!!!!!!, i would certainly wear the outfit he wore in #5 to any event and his african clothes. but lets face it david cameron has no style what so ever and the same with gordon brown even though i admire gordon brown, the only person i can say that has style is the great Tony blair. Lastly, you have a few freinds from several different african countries but are they living in africa? because if they do they would certainly wear the outfits that gaddaffi has worn because it highlights your importance and wealth. but if your freinds from africa live in europe then your argument would be pointless as the culture in europe is very different, i would not expect to see an african in europe wearing african clothes because the leaders and famous people in europe do not wear african clothes. PEOPLE WEAR WHAT IS FASHION!!!!! IN AFRICA AFRICAN CLOTHES ARE THE FASHION BUT IN EUROPE EUROPEAN CLOTHES ARE THE FASHION!!!!!. so think about things before you start talking nonsense. THANKS =p

    • why would you be so nice in your reply to this girls evil blogg posting her hate for african clothing. and you really think gaddaffi is a criminal, why isit that every country that the western world invades has a lot of resources including oil plus gold? it is not by mistake that they infiltrate countries that have a lot of resources. lastly gaddaffi did not destablize world peace, he in fact had a clever plan that would balance the power between the western world and the african continent, the nato and western world knew this was a clever plan and would pose a risk to their dominance so they took action. you think england,usa,france are innocent lol answer this they told us that there main reason for invading libya was because he was attacking civilians, but dont the nato realise that by bombing libya to take out gaddaffi they are technically hurting civilians to right ? and they are also arming rebel groups there to help them fight gaddaffi, but arming any rebel group is illegal and disgusting, what would you think if britain starting supplying rebel groups in france to take out the prime minister would you think that is right?

  2. Not at all.

  3. No, not at all.

  4. Gaddafi may be a dictator but he is genuine and true to his belief. What a difference with a Kenyan clown named Hussein Obama!

  5. It’s naive of Stella to suggest when visiting Europe The Colonel should dress like A European. When was the last time western leader visiting africa dressed like an African? For all his many faults, the way the crisis in Libya has been handled, is faulty, illegal, immoral and exposing of western evil, I pray we never live to see the Karma coming out of the bullish way the west does things….. The battle ground might be on our streets soon. In this day and age sovereign states are being attacked under the umbrella of peace? Y not go to Zimbabwe, Sudan, bahrain, Saudi arabia, Jordan Russia and China…. In all these countries, civilians have been abused but no guns pointing! God have mercy on the crusaders!!!

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