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Angelenos, be ready! How to biuld a resistant house

Hard to believe, but

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, almost 400 minor eartquakes occured in the California-Nevada Map Area FOR THE LAST WEEK, one of them of 3.6 magnitude just a day ago!!

Short tips what an earthquake resistant home should be like: WALLS: use wood frames, it’s a good earthquake resistent material. Wall wells should be tied to the foundation & nail wood firmly to studs.

ROOF: in order to resist sideways pressure, building should be braced diagonally, roof is to be made of a light material

FLOOR: should be of a lightweight material as well, plywood, chipboard or plain timber are fine.

FOUNDATION: in order to decrease the chance of the structure overturning, ground beams should be bound by the feet and go outside the line of the building

PANEL SYSTEM: to preserve the building’s structeure, surround the rooms by concrete vertical and horizontal panels.

Yet another option: FORGET ABT THE TIPS ABOVE and let these guys take care of finding you such a house)


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