TOP-10 tweets hashtagged #thingsthatdontgotogether

A handful of funny tweets!

One uses # symbol in Twitter, called a hashtag, to mark a specific topic or keywords. It helps to categorize your messages.

BUT it also gives you a chance to follow the most popular hashtags. You can see a list of the trendy hashtags in a right menu of your home twitter-account page.I constantly have FUN following the trendy topics.

So, My TOP-10 of tweets on Things that don’t go together:

10. @kieranlow kieran low “travelling and hangovers hahaa”

9. @Benzino604 “me and being awake”

8. @Cee4Certain My wife and my mistress

7. @vindicate_d Working shift hours and schooling part-time.

6. @badfish0527 Homework and friday night

5. @lhayhurst17 fat chicks and short shirts

4. @k8t_Leanne boys and not keeping their promises!!! Freaking fools!!!

3. @RobCrumpton Ethiopians and Weight Watchers

2. @Whitetrashvw me and reality

1. @DiegoofCydonia My mom & technology.


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