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Indoctrinated in the failed fantasy of Marxism

I have just read an article about housing in local newspaper and some of the comments on it really impressed me.

I mean this pessimistic comment:

The real estate market will never return.

The affluent baby boomers have bought their big houses, raised their families and are now getting divorced and downsized.

They have been replaced by (1) illegal immigrants who make very little money, in many cases speak little or no English and are almost all dependent on government to subsidize their lifestyles and prolific child creation and

(2) young people indoctrinated by the public schools in the failed fantasy of Marxism which has destroyed their work ethic, capacity to think rationally and ability to compete yet emboldened them with nearly limitless sense of entitlement.

These two groups will have no chance of making the kind of money their parents made. They will not be able to afford upscale home ownership if they can afford home ownership at all.

And what is your opinion? Do you agree with his words about young people?


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