TOP-10 Earth from Above photos

A collection of fantastic aerial pictures, made throughout the world! Kenya, Canada, Iceland, China, Antarctica..Most of the photos (if not all) made by the photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He spent years travelling and making these kind of pics!

10. Unknown location, found it somewhere in the Web without indication where the picture was made. I guess it’s in Israel. Comment if you know exactly.

9. Unknown location-2. Message from another civilization) My guess it’s somewhere in Latin America

8. Venezuela. This barrios give home to more than a half of Venezuelan capital Caracas’s population!

7. Argentina. This is TEA field!

6. Philippines. A tiny village on archipelago called Samales. It’s populated by a Muslim minority Babjaos that makes its living out of fishing and harvesting shellfish and pearl oysters.

5. Iceland. Lava fields colonised by  lichen and fungi.

4. China. Terraced rise field.

3. Antarctica. You can see two playing Adelie penguins. They are among the most southerly distributed of all seabirds. Named by  French explorer for his wife, Adélie.

2. Canada. Quebec autumn forest. So fascinated by the range of colors! And I like maple syrup mmmmm

1. Kenya. Viable acacia in the Tsavo national park, known as “Tree of life”

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