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TOP-10 #I Love When

A handful of funny tweets for you!TOP-10 #ILoveWhen tweets I found the most amusing

10. @Jessica_Rowe #Ilovewhen my nails are still sexy and fresh after a week yeeeee the best feeling

Yeah.. All About Looking Good!.)


9.  @CourtneeyBurkee #ilovewhen I can’t find anything to wear /:

An ever-lasting problem worth mentioning..


8. @loudermusicplzx #ilovewhen people have noooo idea what theyre talking about.

I get pleasure from listening to such talks, weird!0)


7. @nicciammann #ilovewhen my mother cook

Mmmmm, delicious!


6.  @JackiiBearr #ilovewhen I get an email saying my first class is canceled 🙂

Yes, I used to! Didn’t you??


5.  @YeahSheLikedIt #ilovewhen you actually hear what I’m saying, instead of just watching the words come out of my mouth.

Even if I talk nonsense!


4. @TajaosoFancy #ilovewhen I get to wake up on my own. No interuptions 🙂

However this never happens.. I’ve got a loud ass alarm clock (larger than this one below)


3. @Nasirdbg #ilovewhen I am cleaing my room and I find money everytime.

Although it never happened.. Next time will leave some $ under the sofa intentionally)


2. @Cristy_003 Cristina Melendez  #ilovewhen people try to make you look stupid and it backfires them 🙂

They worth it, aren’t they?


1.  @SpookFullyPaid #ILoveWhen Things Go My Way !

Who doesn’t mate??

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