TOP-5 Real Estate Sites

I’ve made some corrections to the Webby Awards ranking and now introduce my top of the excellent sites in real estate market


Clientele: US Wide, partly Canada

About:  What sets this site apart, Google map makes your search easy and visible! What is weird, hard to find Home button after you surfed deep inside Google map labyrinths.


4. Century 21

Clientele: US Wide

About: Mobile Search through your smart phone embedded, a special quiz on real estate, various calculators included.


3. SnapDigs

Clientele: New York City

About: Looks very simple but efficient. Dedicated exclusively to New York apartments. All of them classified thoroughly. You can limit your search options not only to a neighborhood, types and quantity of bedrooms/bathrooms, but also to availability of a microwave/dishwasher in a kitchen, a dining alcove/oversized windows in an apartment, or a bidet in a bathroom.


2. FirstUsaCapital

Clientele: US Wide, focusing on California

About: Detailed consultant how to get the best mortgage loan. Special Mortgage Calculator to calculate. Two main sections: Residential and Commercial Loans



Clientele: US Wide

About: Nice site design with a funny monkey!) It filters a bunch of real-estate sites according to your request.


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