TOP-10 #NeverForget tweets

I keep making rankings of the tweets, pleeease have a looooooook!

10. @gurpreetstweets #neverforget i’ve been there, i’ve done that. you are not special 🙂

I’ve eaten this, I’ve drunk that


9. @_sillah #neverforget that when we love, it’s not because we see someone perfect. It’s because we see an imperfect person perfectly.

Seems to be an old saying, suits well to the hashtag anyways!


8. @horizonskill #NeverForget when a girl is quiet, millions of things are running in her mind.

The opposite seems to be partly true as well)


7. @Purplemisses #Neverforget where you came from,or else you’ll lose track of where your going

Let this not make you forget where you come to


6. @Lord_Voldemort7 #neverforget that it is mind over matter. I don’t mind what you say because you don’t matter.

And nothing else matters..


5. @rv_k1 #neverforget to switch off

And to cut off!


4. @michellereds The first day we met (: ‘ one day that I’ll #neverforget

No comment


3. @oohwhatshername #neverforget That those who find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place are often inside a brick house with a door.

Three little pigs story comes to my mind)


2. @julianTG #neverforget Criticism is the best sign that you’re onto something.

Not necessarily.  A good supplement to the collection motivational and inspirational quotes anyway!)


1.  @horizonskill #NeverForget You’re beautiful until your Photoshop 30 day trial expires!

What fun))


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