Top-10 Extraordinary Sofas

Want some additional modernity and warm emotions to your apartment?

Indeed, these sofas look WEIRD. But be sure: they will make your place truly stylish!

#10 Bright, colorful and funny! Modern design that turns heads and makes people smile.

#9 Cozy Lips, Hands, Foot & even Fingers!

#8 Enormous sofas! You can sit along with all of your friends or even your favorite football team. This giant sofa is almost the size of a double decker bus.

#7 “Fashion” sofa (for those who are chanel-addicted)

#6 ‘Happy Easter’ sofa (sorry, bunny is missing!..) #5 Never though of putting a boat in your living room?

#4 Snake sofa

#3 This one adorns the floor as well as the walls

#2 A Big Puzzle sofa

#1 Despite a rather plain design, this sofa looks rather aesthetic and modern to me. The main idea is to provide a well-functioning and comfortable place where you can sit and rest.

Note: good ideas for your home here

Artwork or practical (perhaps both)? You decide!


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