Top-5 Toilet Rolls Сharacters

Your boss, your ex, your current partner, best friend or worst enemy, can all be printed on a roll of toilet paper.

Here you will find Top-5 Most Wanted Characters to be printed on a … toilet roll!!!

#5 Are you sick and tired of hearing about Paris Hilton?. Get a roll of Paris Hilton toilet paper with her beautiful face printed right on it!

 #4 This is great present for any Jonas Brothers fan, or foe.

#3  Round here we only use Chuck Norris Toilet Paper: rough, tough and don’t take crap from no one!

#2 Ex-president Geogre Bush toilet paper

#1 Osama Bin Laden



One Response

  1. I liked the toilet paper on Bin Ladin but it needs to be updated to “hit the head”. Just an idea. Thanks for commenting on my post about being successful with a new blog.

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