TOP-10 uncanny plants (look truly horrifying!)

The frightening monsters that we call plants for some reason..

10. Chinese Fleeceflower. Its  fruits resemble small potato people. They are boiled, soaked in a moonshine, dismembered &… ready for consumption!


9. The Doll’s Eye is not even poisonous, try it and share your gustatory sense with me


8.  Dionaea muscipula eats insects, slugs and even frogs.


When victim appears on a leaf, it starts closing the jaws. Soon an inner leaf’s part secretes digestive substance…


7. Chinese Black Batflowers, terrifying and abominable, similar to a bat,  feelers included.


6. Porcupine Tomato, 2-meter monster with orange spikes lives in Madagascar island. Very poisonous and survives any weather


5. Cedar-Apple Rust Fungus  turns a good-looking juicy apple into a rotting clot hosting worms..


4. Rafflesia  is the plant with the biggest flowers in the world, sometimes more than a meter and 10 kilo weight. It has no stem or roots, just a huge flower with a terrible putrid smell.


3.  Buddha’s Hand. I wonder who decided to call this plant this way.

In fact this loathsome plant is a delicious citrous fruit popular in China and Japan.


Japanese make tea out of it, Chinese believe it keeps evils spirits off and brings happiness to your home


2.   Octopus Stinkhorn  starfish fungus looks disgusting and stinks unbelievably.


1. Hydnellum peckii (red-juice tooth, devil’s tooth, and bleeding tooth fungus).  This mushrooms looks like a chewed chewing-gum running blood and smelling strawberry. But don’t think of eating it unless you’ve decided to commit a suicide.


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