TOP-10 Tweets #AllIWantIs

Selected funny tweets for you!TOP-10 #All I Want Is that I found the most amusing

10. @chelseyyyX0X0 #alliwantis my iphone 4. thatsit.

Yeah.. I like mine too)


9.  @DaliaMaria23 #alliwantis to be the happiest person alive.

Who doesn’t?


8. @iamjaelle #alliwantis to make a difference in this world

yes I do!


7. @jKGoode #alliwantis for you to think before you speak.

Think abt it!


6.  @philpofficial #alliwantis to get my ass to university and get outta here!

Used to have this feeling for years..)


5.  @caramel_luv1 #alliwantis to be on a beautiful island and leave the world behind me

Sweet dreams..To be continued


4. @iamRHIANNA #alliwantis to stay floatin in the clouds

Sweet dreams – II


3. @rsg685 #alliwantis to win the lotto and get the fuck out of here

Good luck, keep trying!)


2. @TheRandomWords I don’t wanna be your ‘number one’. That implies there’s a number two and maybe a number three. #AlliWantis to be your ONLY ONE.

Trendy tweet!



Ah, good point!

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