About Meee!

I am 26, a very hard worker who loves to be busy. Currently – single! I’m eclectic, well-mannered, cuddly, sometimes loud, sometimes a bit silly. Working in a real estate sector.

I am learning each day and becoming (hopefully) more positive than I have ever been before. You don’t get to the top of the mountain in one enormous leap.

I love my family, friends, music & I am absolutely in love with California, especially the Orange county.

I stick to a few close friends that I trust rather than having a bunch of friends that don’t wish me well !

As for hobbies: cooking, talking in different accents, biking, travelling. South-Eastern Asia – yeah!  Mmmmuaahhh!

And PLEASE leave comments (I love ’em) & follow me on twitter!

Also, take a look at my twitter trendy messages rankings! I looked through hundreds & thousands tweets on trendy topics and made a few TOP-10 ratings (and I keep doing this) !

https://stellafox84.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/top-10-i-love-when/TOP-10 tweets hashtagged #thingsthatdontgotogether

TOP-10 #I Love When

TOP-10 #Three words to live by


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