Head of IMF a Womanizer?

This  geezer does not look like a typical womanizer. But he is. 62-years-ald  french politician has a spirit of a 26-year-old guy. Continue reading


How to Write a Thank You Letter

Do you really want to get a good job? Don’t forget to prepare a thank you note.

It’s always important to say thank you after a job interview as far as thank everyone you interviewed with and everyone who helped with your job search.

So, if you need to see a sample of a thank you note – you are on the right way.

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TOP-5 Real Estate Sites

I’ve made some corrections to the Webby Awards ranking and now introduce my top of the excellent sites in real estate market

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2,923 home sales contracts signed in Orange County

Orange County home sellers signed 2,923 sales contracts with buyers during the 30 days ending on Thursday, according to the latest Orange County home inventory report from O.C. broker and numbers cruncher Steve Thomas.

While that’s down about 10% from the same period a year ago, it’s up 8% in the past two weeks — and up dramatically since the start of the year. Thomas wrote:  Continue reading

Near-term silver futures in New York jumped 94 cents

Silver prices rose to new 31-year highs Thursday, underpinned by soaring investor demand for silver coins.

Near-term silver futures in New York jumped 94 cents, or 3.1%, to close at $31.57 an ounce. That topped the previous high of $31.09 reached on Jan. 3.

Before adjusting for inflation, prices haven’t been at these levels since the infamous spike of late 1979 and early 1980, when the Hunt brothers briefly cornered the market for the metal. Continue reading

Retailer’s Day

Valentine’s Day sales should thrill the hearts of retailers. Industry research firm IBISWorld forecasts spending for the lovers’ holiday will top $18.6 billion, a 5.8% jump over 2010. That amounts to about $125 per person who buys a gift for that special someone.

Floral purchases are projected to grow by 16.8%, jewelry by 11.3%, romantic getaways by 5.7% and candy sales by 5.1%. Spending on greeting cards, dining out and clothing and lingerie will also see increases this year.

The retailers make their best to catch customers’ attention this day. There is a large number of tips for the retailers to increase sales this day. If you want to get more gain from the Lovers’ Day, you should: Continue reading

Bye Gold or Buy Gold?

Buy gold, not a house: is it a real tip or may be just a provocation?

Barry Ritholtz, author of Bailout Nation and chief executive officer of the New York investment-research firm FusionIQ, recommends going small on gold: 5-10 % of your savings.

“Gold doesn’t have value, other than what someone else can pay out, so by definition it is somewhat speculative,” says Ritholtz, who sold most of his gold position when the metal hit $1,350 an ounce in October 2010. Gold is volatile: He said it could have another run-up to $2,000 or fall to $500. Continue reading