The Sperminator. Schwarzenegger’s Love Baby Photos

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Cash buyers grabbed a record 31% share of California house sales

All-cash buyers grabbed a record 30.9% share of California house and condo sales in January. In Southern California’s most expensive communities, cash deals now account for as much as two-thirds of home sales. But all-cash purchases aren’t a cause for excitement in every luxury community in Southern California. Montecito is one such market where cash is old news.

“It doesn’t sell any popcorn here,” said Harry Kolb, a Sotheby’s agent with 32 years of experience in the wealthy Santa Barbara community. “We’re pretty jaded. Over-$5-million sales are, for the most part, cash.” Continue reading

NO More Rules for Business in California!

“California is dead. The ship is sinking and it’s going down,” said Bill Taormina, chief executive of Clean City, Inc. at a forum in Anaheim today. He complained about the huge number of taxes, rules and regulations on state businesses. The complaints ranged from regulations that are poorly conceived and managed to high taxes and overly strict enforcement of simple human paperwork errors. Continue reading